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5 Significant Features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is the most basic versions of QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. This accounting software is loaded with very few features, yet powerful features that are useful for businesses that have minimal accounting and bookkeeping needs. The latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 has some of the supercharged features that accelerate the overall accounting performance of SMBs.

For doing accounting and bookkeeping tasks on QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you don’t need any technical expertise, however, at times, you may encounter a few nagging errors and issues that may require help from a professional and reputed QuickBooks Pro Support services provider. In this blog post, let’s however, discuss the newly added features in QuickBooks Pro 2018. Later, in this blog post, we will also have a quick glimpse of other software that can be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop Pro. Let’s start.

5 Powerful Features of QuickBooks Pro 2018

Past Due Stamp

With the all-new QuickBooks Pro 2018, QuickBooks Desktop can automatically add Past Due Stamp on invoices and reminds customers about the outstanding payments. This small yet powerful feature of the all-new QuickBooks Pro 2018 dramatically increased the cash flow of your business, and you successfully receive payments faster than ever.

Multi-monitor Support

The newly added feature of Multi-monitor support enhances the overall productivity of your accounting team. Earlier, there was a facility to add up to three monitors to access and manage QuickBooks Pro. With this feature of QuickBooks Pro, you can open one QuickBooks file on one system, and other QuickBooks file on another system.

Search Chart of Accounts

This new feature of QuickBooks Desktop Pro is designed and developed to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of your accounting and bookkeeping team. By using Search Chart of Accounts feature, you can easily and quickly search accounts and sub-accounts on the basis of different classes or names.

Payroll Liability Reminder

Many a time due to hectic workarounds, your accounting and payroll team may forget to file payroll tax and payroll tax returns in a timely basis, that at the end may lead to adversity in form of IRS penalty. To help you prevent any of such penalties, QuickBooks Pro 2018 is loaded with a Payroll Liability Reminder feature that keeps you updated upcoming due dates.

Cash/Accrual Toggle

Getting valuable insights with a simple and single click now gets easier with the cash/accrual toggle feature of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018. The newly added feature of Cash/Accrual toggle helps you prevent time that you may be consuming in finding and comparing specific reports and files.

These are the newly added features that come along with the advanced QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018. Further, to boost up the performance of QuickBooks Pro, you can integrate QuickBooks Pro with other software as well.

Final Words

QuickBooks Pro 2018 is undoubtedly the most affordable and basic accounting software that efficiently suffices accounting and bookkeeping needs of SMBs and CPAs. In case, if you still have any queries related to QuickBooks Pro, then you can call us right now. We are the reputed and experienced QuickBooks Pro support services provider based out of the United States.

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