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How to Create and Build Inventory Assembly Items in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is impeccable accounting software that is catering to industry-specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses, CPAs and solopreneurs. There are several business accounting tasks that are easily automated and simplified by using QuickBooks Desktop.

One of such accounting functionalities that are taken care by QuickBooks Desktop is inventory management. With the help of this easy-to-use accounting software, you can easily track and manage inventories by creating and building Inventory Assembly Items. Inventory assembly items are a combination of sub-assemblies, part inventory items into single inventory items.

Further, we can also define Inventory Assembly Items as a line item that is used while creating sales or purchase forms. Creating and adding Inventory Assembly Items is usually a two-step process that primarily includes:

  • First of all, you need to define the Bill of Materials to identify different components that you have to list in assembly item. And, after that, you will also need to build assembly item quantity so that QuickBooks can automatically deduct components parts from adding new quantities and inventory of the assembled items.
  • After defining and specifying inventory assembly items, you will need to add different inventories by building them. And, do ensure that assembly items are accurate to inventory quantities.

At this point in time, it is also indispensable for you to understand the basic differences between Group Items and Inventory Assembly Items.

Group Items Inventory Assembly Items
Such items cannot be taken or included in any other nested inventory assembly item. Such items can be easily included and nested in other inventory assembly items.
For groups, there are no specific reports available. Reports of Inventory assembly items are available.
As per individual items, sales tax are included. The single sale tax code is applied in inventory assembly items.
Includes both taxable as well as nontaxable items. You need to designate if an item is taxable or nontaxable.

Why and When to Use Group and Inventory Assembly Items

There are different reasons and circumstances when you can either use Group Items or Inventory Assembly Items.

Group Items

When you need to instantly enter a group of individual items that you regularly purchase or sell then you may use Group Items. Group Items are also used for other different purposes, which are:

  • Speeder data entry
  • Fewer details of customers
  • Detailed reports

Inventory Assembly Items

Inventory Assembly Items lets users collaborate assembly costs and inventory items to create new and separate trackable items. Inventory Assembly Items is also used for representing finished goods that you either sell or purchase and for:

  • Customizing the price of finished goods
  • For setting reminders for the future builds
  • Having fast access to finished good

After understanding inventory assembly items and group items, you can further proceed to build inventory assembly items in QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps to Build Inventory Assembly Items

To build Inventory Assembly Items, you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Select Build Assemblies from the Inventory menu
  • Then, select the assembly item you want to build from the Assembly Item drop down option
  • Now, with the Advanced Inventory, you need to select the Finished Assembly Inventory Sie and then chose the site where the assembly is located by following these steps:
  • Select the site from the site drop down option
  • Then enter the quantity from the Quantity to Build field and then press on Tab to update the quantity
  • From the status, option make then changes you want to optimize
  • At this stage, you can also enter the memo that you want to build

Bottom Line

After having a concrete understanding of different inventory items – Inventory Assembly Items and Group Items, you can easily create or build Inventory Assembly Items. Well, while creating Inventory Assembly Items in case if you encounter any issue then it is always advisable to consult an experienced and reputed QuickBooks Desktop support services provider.

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