QuickBooks Point of Sale Errors

Errors in Opening QuickBooks Point of Sale Files? Try These Fixes

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is an exemplary system that helps businesses to manage inventory, accept payments and ring sales. The prominence of QuickBooks Point of Sale in recent days has gained momentum, especially in retail, wholesale and restaurant businesses.

QuickBooks Point of Sale is also loved by businesses due to several other reasons, such as it is easy-to-install and uses. Well, over a period of time, users can come across several interrupting errors. You may at times, face problems in opening and accessing QuickBooks Point of Sale files. In fact, this is one of the most common error that QuickBooks POS users encounter in their daily lives for which you may need to contact a QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale support services provider.

In this blog post, to help you out, we have an in-detail discussion on different QuickBooks POS error codes that you may encounter while opening QuickBooks Point of Sale file and then, we also look at different steps to resolve these errors.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Errors while Opening a File

Error 181016

While opening QuickBooks Point of Sale file, you can encounter Error 181016 stating that there could be problems that could not open a QuickBooks company file.

Error 181021

Another error code that you may face while trying to open or create QuickBooks Point of Sale company file is Error 181021. This error code states that there are problems that could restrict you from creating a new company file.

Problems Behind these Error Codes

You can encounter these above mentioned QuickBooks Point of Sale errors while opening QuickBooks POS files due to multiple reasons that primarily include:

  • Different versions of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is installed on your workstation
  • You have not logged into Windows as a QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Administrator
  • Company name used for establishing network isn’t unique
  • Company data folder where QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is stored is corrupted
  • A third-party firewall is preventing the connection between QuickBooks Desktop database manager from where you are trying to access a company file
  • Internet Protocol/IP or Transmission Control Protocol/TCP is not enabled or is not installed or is either damaged.

Troubleshooting Steps

To troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sales errors that prevent opening of a company file, you can try these troubleshooting errors:

Step 1: Do make sure that you are logged into Windows as a QuickBooks Point of Sale Administrator.

Step 2: Do make sure that there is just one QuickBooks company file using the name.

Step 3: Run the test to find any possible data error.

Step 4: Rename the QuickBooks Company file.

Step 5: Run QuickBooks Point of Sale Troubleshoot Connection Tool.

PS: Before trying to use these troubleshooting steps for resolving QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale errors, there are a few important points that you need to know:

  • Ensure that you meet minimum system requirements that are compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale 11 and above editions.
  • Try to reboot your computer first, before following these troubleshooting steps.

Final Words

Above mentioned are a few common errors that you can encounter while opening, accessing or creating QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale file. If these steps don’t resolve errors, then contact Quick At Support, an experienced QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale support services provider right now!

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