Frequent QuickBooks Errors and How to Fix Them

As you work on growing your business with the use of QuickBooks, we Quick At Support is here with a team of QuickBooks Error Support experts, always ready to assist you. You can avail our services round the clock. To help you get the most out of QuickBooks, our dedicated customer-centric QuickBooks Support in the USA work diligently 24/7 providing technical guidance on QuickBooks related errors and consultation too.

So, in this article, we bring you the top 10 common errors that you need to watch out for when using QuickBooks. Being aware of these usual errors can assist you in maintaining clearer and accurate files. Please note that these are just a few of the issues that pop-up. If you need detailed insights and immediate addresses for your concerns, it is highly suggested that you reach out to our QuickBooks Error Support team.

Listed below are the major issues that you should be aware of:

Using incorrect name types

The QuickBooks lists menu provides you with varied name types. If you use the name types correctly, you will be able to fetch more accurate and detailed reports. You will also be able to benefit more using the Search feature. An example, you should ensure that you do not classify customers as employees or vice-versa.

Missing out to lock a closed period

When you perform the month-end closing, ensure that you lock the period so that none can go back and try changing transactions/entries for the period. The password should only remain with the Administrator so that he/she can reopen the period if required.

Backing up the data

QuickBooks Error Support team always advises that you keep backing up your QuickBooks data at regular intervals. This ensures that your data is safe and protected as well as readily available in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as a computer crash, virus, malware etc.

Creating user roles, passwords and providing them required rights

If you have multiple employees helping you run your business, chances are that you might want them to update entries, enter transactions etc on QuickBooks. But, you don’t want each employee to have an equal level of access. To have more control and transparency of your company’s data, it is suggested that you provide each employee with individual logins, permissions, passwords, and rights.

Setting up reports correctly

It is important that you get detailed and relevant reports from QuickBooks. These reports should provide you with the relevant data that you are looking for. You need to set varied reports depending on your requirement. As per the QuickBooks Error Support team, the most in-demand reports that businesses need are the Cash and Accrual reports. You can set up your preferences for a report under Company Preferences in QuickBooks.

Deleting Transactions

You must already know that in QuickBooks, multiple types of transactions are interlinked. Deleting one may cause inconsistency. And, deletion of transactions by users either knowingly or unknowingly is one of the most recurring issues. Our experts from QuickBooks Error Support say that voiding a transaction instead of deleting it is the best practice. Another way is to reverse a transaction.

Since transaction entries are an integral part of reporting, we urge you to get connected with our QuickBooks Support in the USA for end-to-end assistance.

Setting up Sales Tax preferences

If you are selling, you got to pay Sales Tax. Right? Thus, setting up the Sales Tax in QuickBooks is a mandatory task as you will need to keep a regular track of your tax liability. You can set this up from Edit menu. However, ensure checking your State law before entering your preferences.

Handling unused and duplicate accounts

Try keeping your QuickBooks software as simple and clean as possible. We suggest that you try and group similar accounts by sub-accounts and that you enter data in the sub-accounts rather than the main account. If you review your Chart of Accounts (COA) and find duplicates, ensure that you merge them into a single account.

These are some of the most common issues where our valued customers get stuck. We insist that you avail QuickBooks Customer Support in USA services to have a richer and efficient experience when using QuickBooks. The steps to fix issues vary by type, nature, and cause as well as depending on your version of QuickBooks. Thus, to make the most out of QuickBooks, contact us on (+1)-855-666-1972  round the clock.

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