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How QuickBooks Desktop 2019 is Different From the Prior Version

QuickBooks which is known as amazing Accounting software for running a business smoothly. Now the new version of QuickBooks has come into existence which was released at the beginning of September 2018. Its every product has come with various advanced improvements and changes. So let’s focus on the various advanced features.

Switch to a different computer

With the help of this new feature, you are now able to transfer your old files to the new computer. You don’t need to transfer it manually; you just can do it by USB flash drive.

Improved Backup System

It usually happens that you lose your data when the technology fails and get faulty. So Intuit has improved the backup system so that you may always be in touch with your important data. You will get confirmation and emails in case if the data gets lost.

What can you back up?

You can keep the keep the backup of the files which you chose and save even the things that are not concerned with QuickBooks.

Where is my information stored?

Don’t panic, if you lose your data, now the advanced version of Intuit QuickBooks has the ability to keep your data safe and store in the secure and encrypted data storage.

How often can you back up your files?

You can choose it according to your choice. Set the time and you will get notifications by QuickBooks through email. It depends upon you how frequently you are required to back up and this will do automatically by the QuickBooks.

Better Sick and Vacation Time Tracking

QuickBooks 2019 also takes care of your vacations. It keeps in consideration that you don’t overpay on sick or vacation time. So it gives the warning to keep this in mind also.

You are required to log in as the admin user and be in single user mode in order to set vacation as well as sick time accruals and limits.

Invoice History

The amazing version of QuickBooks 2019 has come with the feature of invoice history, with the help of which, you can now get the detail of the history by clicking at one place. And you don’t need to know to click at different places.

You are required to check the details of the invoice history like when it was created, due date, when it was sent, when it was viewed by the customers, when it is paid, and when did you get the amount.

You need to send invoices from within QuickBooks in order to make this feature work correctly. QuickBooks will not track each and every step if your invoices are sent by using an outside email program.

Inventory Tracking

Let’s move ahead toward another feature that is inventory tracking. With the help of QuickBooks 2019, you can even track the inactive tracking.

The items you mark as inventory highlight them in yellow color so that it could be seen at glance easily. And after that, you may also exclude some items from it.

What’s the advantage of this?

Just like on an e-commerce site, you sell cloth, and you find that some of the clothes are not being liked by the customers and you decide to stop selling them. Similarly, here you can clear off the things that you are not required anymore.

It’s better to mark the product as inactive instead of marking those items as with zero price. Because doing this, you will not be shown that the item cannot be sold. So always mark the item as inactive as this will keep the things accurate.

Bill Pay Default

Sometimes it happens that you are charged double payments by QuickBooks for a single transaction and moreover there is no highlight of that payment and thus you make payment again by mistake. But the updated feature of QuickBooks 2019 is able to check unpaid bills automatically.

Then you can pay the bill by selecting “pay bill”. And you can also check the prior bills are paid or not.

Last Words

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have become aware that how QuickBooks Desktop 2019 is different and advanced from the former version of QuickBooks. There are more to Know that QuickBooks 2019 is having as an advanced feature which you can enjoy. So in order to know more about QuickBooks 2019, please do contact us on +1-855-666-1972. Our QuickBooks pro advisors are always available to help you out with their amazing solutions.

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