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Serial Number & Lot
Number Tracking Software

QuickBooks which is accounting software is serving to its customers with its various products. Among these products, there is one QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. It is fulfilling the needs of various large-sized businesses. It is having various smart features which help to run your business smoothly like QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise keeps the capability and offers the choice to track serial number and Lot Number in order to better inventory management.

Traditional Serial Number


With the help of Serial Numbers, you can track individual items. These Numbers help in various ways such as to track items under the large batch production for warranty problems or these Numbers also help to identify any kind of defect in a production batch.

Serial Number Tracking in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

Greetings to the QuickBooks Enterprise Users as now they can apply serial numbers to the individual items as well as use these numbers in order to track those items.  With the help of Tracking Number, the company is able to:

  • Organize inventory items that enter a system
  • Regulate a serial number search to match particular customers to purchased products
  • Track serial numbers in order to check stock for items by particular serial numbers
  • Match invoices that are concerned to a particular serial number for the sake of tracking serial number history for warranty issues
Traditional Lot Number

The products that are developed in the same batch are tracked by the company with the help of Lot Number Tracking.  These are applied in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food production, and agriculture also. If in case there arise any problem for products of a particular batch instead of all products, then the company is able to revisit those items from a particular batch.

Lot number tracking in
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise allows lot number tracking within its Advanced Inventory functionality2. Lot tracking allows a company to track:

  • Within the Advanced Inventory functionality2 of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, feature of Lot Tracking Number could be seen. With the help of Lot Tracking Number, the company is able to track:
  • Products or Items bought or created in lots
  • Lot number searches to disclose which customers bought items from a particular lot
  • Items in a recall report in the situation you have to track all the items from a particular lot. This can distinguish which products are in inventory and which customers bought them.
  • In case, you want more trustworthy and reliable tracking, you are required to turn on lot tracking number in Advanced Inventory.
Last words

Read this article carefully and know QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is working with Serial Number and Lot Numbers. For further inquiry, please contact on +1-855-666-1972.

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