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QuickBooks a well-known Accounting is having various products and with its Payroll product, it manages all information that is related to company employees and Payroll expenses. Payroll software helps to manage the company finance including current pays for a month and government taxes.

What is the QuickBooks Payroll Summary Report?

A quick way to look the whole information of payroll totals by an employee is called payroll summary. This payroll summary report presents information with a subtotal for internet pay. And the company payroll taxes are present and clarified by the employees.

Accumulation of employees earning, list of present employees, pay balances all comes under Payroll summary report.

What are the things a payroll summary report consists of:

  • It is having followings items,
  • Employee holiday and sick time
  • The employee, Taxes management and salaries
  • Taxes and contributions and taxes.
  • Net Pay of workers

In these reports, Gross pay presents the commission and other bonuses.  And the Adjusted Gross pay is what when the pre-tax deductions of employees are decreased according to the 401 k plan. And the amount which is received after-tax adjustment is called Net pay.

In order to Create a Payroll Summary Report:

  • In Reports, you need to Select > Employees & Payroll > Payroll Summary
  • Manage a date range.
  • Then you need to Select Refresh
  • Delete the Hours and/or Rate columns-
  • After that Select the Customize Report.
  • Remove the Hours and/or Rate checkboxes, in the Display tab.
  • Then Select OK.
  • You are also allowed to add pay periods under the Filters tab. Then create payroll summary reports.
  • Then Select Print > Report to print the Payroll Summary. Make a Payroll Summary Report

In order to run a report for a specific employee:

  • You need to Select Employees to open the Employee Center/Centre, right from the home page.
  • After that proceed to choose the employee you want to run the report
  • Then you need to select the report you would like to run, in the top right corner:
  • Quick Report
  • Payroll Summary
  • Paid Time Off
  • Payroll Transaction information
  • Enter the dates you are required
  • If the change in the printer is mandatory then you may change settings, After that click Print.

Editing the Payroll Summary Report:

If you are desiring to edit and some changes on a report, after running the report,
  • Visit the menu toolbar and then tap Edit on the menu toolbar.
  • Amend the parameters as required.
  • After that tap Run Report to view again.

Printing the Payroll Summary Report:

  • If you want to print the current report then you need to click on the menu toolbar and you will see there a preview of the report on the display. No in order to print again, print out the report.
  • After that Click print on menu toolbar and then select page setup, you can set page margin or paper size as you required easily.

In order to export a payroll summary report to Excel:

  • Tap the Excel drop-down arrow, in the report.
  • After that Select Create New Worksheet or go for Update Existing Worksheet.
  • In order to choose the Workbooks, you need to click the browse button, if in case you select update current worksheet.
  • After that Select the Advanced button.
  • Then you are required to clear the Space in between columns check box.
  • Then Select OK.
  • Lastly, Select Export.

Final Words

Hopefully, you are now able to create and run QuickBooks payroll summary report. If still, you are having queries, then proceed to contact us on +1-855-666-1972.

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