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As you already know that QuickBooks is well-known Accounting and bookkeeping software application. It consists of various amazing features. And Advanced Inventory is one of those features that come in its accounting solution. In this article, we are going to tell you something about the inventory management in QuickBooks Enterprise.

The advanced inventory helps to manage inventories in QuickBooks Enterprise. The inventory stores from the different sites or different locations are being tracked by Advanced Inventory. If you store your inventory at any place, at different locations or from the outside manufacturer, it will easily manage your inventory. If in case, you desire to enjoy this feature, then go ahead to buy advanced inventory, or you may also get the benefit if you are having a license that is consists of this advanced inventory features in the subscription that you are already using. So let’ have a look at the below-stated functionality of this product:

  • The user is allowed to track the items to the particular bins within the warehouse.
  • In order to enter the data quickly, there are Scan Barcodes of advanced inventory.
  • You can also track items by lot numbers or by serial number.
  • Your inventory value can be assigned throughout the various location or multiple locations of your warehouse.
  • Here you can also enjoy the feature of transferring the items between inventory sites.
Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning

With the help of Mobile inventory barcode scanning, you can speed up the picking process and decrease data entry errors. You can send sales orders, scan inventory as well as can export data wirelessly. You just need an internet connection, and you will be ready to work across multiple warehouses.

Track Inventory in Multiple Locations

QuickBooks is capable of tracking the items that are kept in different locations like which item is on hand, on buying order, and which item in on the reorder point. This will be automatically tracked by the QuickBooks.

Real-time Inventory Picking

Now with the help of Real-time inventory picking, you can track the status of the items that are in the process, like the items are picked, the pick is in progress or it is partially picked.

Customizable Inventory Reports

With the help of customizable reports, it adds flexibility and insight into your business. You are allowed to track valuation summary, assembly shortage by item as well as inventory stock by item.

Bin Location Tracking

With the help of Bin location tracking, you can track particular inventory tracking to the bin location level.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning leads to efficient and reliable inventory data. And you can do this by scanning items and serial number, in fact without taking the help of a keyboard. As it is done by QuickBooks Automatically. You are required to print barcodes and in case, you don’t have it, then it will be created by the QuickBooks.

Use FIFO Costing

Now you are able to toggle between the two methods by using FIFO costing and this will give you the flexibility to track inventory.

Track Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers

You can track serial and lot number easily if you have entered them properly at the time of purchasing, transferring or sale.

Transfer Inventory from One Location to Another

You are free to transfer stock from one place to another, in case if one of the locations is going slow on inventory.

Wrapping up

Enjoy the article with patience. If you still have any doubts, then do contact our QuickBooks experts who are having amazing technical skills. We are expecting that you may have doubts regarding this topic or the related topic. So do not hesitate to contact us on +1-855-666-1972.

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