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QuickBooks Desktop Payroll offers all payroll information to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll members.

In Order to download a payroll tax table update in QuickBooks Desktop:


  • If you want to update your tax tables within QuickBooks Desktop, you need to have an active payroll subscription.
  • It is suggested by the Intuit that whenever you pay your employees, you download your tax tables. So know the latest tax table version.
  • You need to turn on the automatic upgrade features in QuickBooks Desktop in order to receive payroll tax table updates. Let’s follow the update QuickBooks Desktop:
  • First of all click Employees > Get Payroll Updates.
  • Then tap to select Download whole payroll update.
  • After that click Update.
  • When you are done with download, you will receive a message regarding the update; you are required to tap OK to read concerned the changes.” Click OK.

Disk Delivery service: In order to install a payroll tax update from a CD:

  • You need to insert the Payroll Update CD.
  • Then you are required to open the Get Payroll Updates window.
  • In QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier: you need to choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates.
  • Then you are needed to respond to the prompts in the Install payroll Update window.
  • After that click Browse.
  • Proceed to choose the CD drive from the Look in drop-down arrow, in the install from the window.
  • Then proceed to Select either update.dat or update3.dat just from the Payroll Update Disk, and tap Open.
  • After that go the Payroll Update window, and click OK.
  • Then Close QuickBooks Desktop, and click the Windows Start button, and select Computer or My Computer.
  • After that Right- click the CD drives. You can test the CD on a second computer, in case you cannot view the files.
  • Now verify that you are installing from the correct location, in the Install confirmation window. And also keep in mind that the tax table versions that are in the current and New fields are accurate.
  • Then click Install. When you are done with the update, or if the new tax table is installed, a confirmation message displays. Go through the message and then tap OK.
  • If in case, the tax table version has changed, a message displays: “A new tax table has been installed on your computer. Tap OK in order to read about the changes.”
  • If in case, there is no change in the tax table version, a message displays: “You have successfully installed the payroll update.

Final words

Hopefully, you got the point that how to download the latest payroll tax table. For further query, you may contact on +1-855-666-1972. Our QuickBooks payroll experts are always ready to help you out with various amazing solutions.

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