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How to Instantly Recover the Lost QuickBooks Data File

Financial data in form of QuickBooks company or data file is business-critical. QuickBooks data file is, however, always vulnerable to threats such as data loss, data damage, and data theft. To ensure optimal security of a QuickBooks data file, it is, therefore, important to ensure that you have the most advanced data security mechanism.

To know about the advanced data security mechanism for QuickBooks, you can dial a certified and experienced QuickBooks Premier support services provider. Instant support for QuickBooks Premier or any other version of QuickBooks ensures that you have the well-placed mechanism to recover business-critical QuickBooks data file.

Using Intuit’s QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature is one of the preferred ways by which you can recover lost QuickBooks data file. it, however, recommended that you use this feature with the assistance of a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor which you can avail by dialing a toll-free QuickBooks Desktop support services provider.

In this blog post, we discuss how Intuit’s  QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature helps to recover the lost data file. Let’s start.

Recover the Lost Data File with Auto Data Recovery Tool

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery or ADR tool is available only with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise for Windows. It is not available with QuickBooks Accountant. First introduced in QuickBooks 2012, ADR tool helps you easily recover the lost data, such as transaction files, financial statement, and several other QuickBooks company file.

There are two ways following which QuickBooks ADR helps you recover the lost QuickBooks data file:

  1. By recreating copy for the lost Company File, and by recreating the lost transaction file by using the current Transaction Log File or TLG.
  2. By recreating the copy of a few hours back transactions by using Company File and Transaction Log File.

Well before, we proceed further and understand different steps that you need to follow for recovering the lost QuickBooks data file with the application of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool, let’s have a look at a few critical points:

  • QuickBooks ADR is not available with Accountants edition of QuickBooks
  • The file size limitation of ADR is 1.5 GB
  • If the size of the lost QuickBooks data file is more than 1.5 GB then ADR will not be able to recover
  • To have optimal use of QuickBooks ADR do make sure that you have the latest updates of QuickBooks Desktop

After understanding these points, follow the solutions that we discuss further to recover the lost QuickBooks data file.

Solution to Recover Lost Data File with QuickBooks ADR

Use Transaction Log or.TLG file with.QBW.adr file

To recover QuickBooks data file containing recent transaction, you can use them.TLG file and ADR of the QuickBooks company file, and to do that, follow these steps:

  • Create a folder named QBTest on Desktop
  • Click and open the folder where QuickBooks company file is stored
  • Copy the subsequent .TLG file and paste it on QB Test folder that you created on Desktop
  • Open the folder named QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery
  • Copy and paste.QBW.adr file to QBTest folder. By now, you will have.TLG file and .QBW.adr file on QBTest folder
  • Now, go to the QBTest folder and rename the .QBW.adr. File by right-clicking on it
  • Make sure to delete .adr at end of the file
  • Now, open QuickBooks
  • Click and open QuickBooks company file that saved on QBTest folder. You can use account registration details to verify if transaction files are there or not
  • Now, run the verify utility tool to make sure the integrity of this QuickBooks company file
  • In case, the copy of this company file is as expected then you can remove the damaged QuickBooks company file to any other location and then transfer this copy from QBTest folder to the primary and original location


With the application of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature, you can easily recover the lost QuickBooks data file. It is, however, recommended to use this feature under the guidance of a qualified and experienced QuickBooks Premier support services provider. You can dial a toll-free QuickBooks Desktop support phone number to instantly connect to a QuickBooks expert now!

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