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How to Resolve Common QuickBooks Payroll Errors

QuickBooks Payroll services is a subscription-based plan that you activate along with QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. QuickBooks Payroll services for QuickBooks Desktop is one of the top-notch payroll accounting software that simplifies complex tasks related to preparing paychecks, depositing salaries, filing payroll taxes and tax returns, etc.

Primarily there are three versions of QuickBooks Payroll services:  Basic, Enhanced and Assisted Payroll. You can select any one of them by understanding different available features. While using this subscription-based services for performing payroll tasks, many a time you may, however, encounter several technical errors and issues that are quite frustrating.

To resolve these errors you always need instant QuickBooks Payroll support services. An experienced and certified QuickBooks Payroll expert can help you to efficiently resolve issues pertaining to QuickBooks Payroll and other QuickBooks services.

While using QuickBooks Payroll, it is, however, advisable to understand a few basic DIY tips to resolve common errors. And, in case, if these tips don’t work then you always have an option to dial QuickBooks Payroll support phone number of a verified QuickBooks Desktop support services provider.

To make you efficiently use QuickBooks Payroll services, in this blog post, we will discuss one of the most common QuickBooks Payroll errors and its solution. We will also briefly discuss a few important tips using which you can maximize ROI on QuickBooks Payroll services. Let’s start.

Error – Payroll Connection Error or Please Try Again Later

While trying to make direct deposits or while sending QuickBooks Payroll data, many a time, you may face errors with the following messages:

  • Payroll connection error
  • Payroll service server error
  • Please try again later
  • QuickBooks Desktop has encountered an error

If you constantly face these error message then it is advisable to consult a QuickBooks Payroll services provider. When before you consult a professional support services provider, you should have a proper understanding of the reasons behind this error, and what different steps are needed to resolve these errors. To start with, first, let’s understand the reasons behind these QuickBooks Payroll errors.

Reasons Behind These Error Messages

There are multiple reasons because of which these errors persist while using QuickBooks Payroll services. Primary reasons behind these error messages are mentioned below:

  • Firewall and internet security setting
  • Normal issues with the internet connection
  • Trying to send the file in a multi-user mode
  • Invalid or outdated security certificate
  • Network timeout
  • Wrong time properties or system date

If you experience QuickBooks Payroll errors and issues due to these reasons then you can apply the below-mentioned solutions to resolve the errors. It is, however, important that solutions for these errors are different for QuickBooks Payroll services used on a network and QuickBooks Payroll services used without the network.

Steps to Resolve Errors for if You’re on a Network

If you are using QuickBooks on a network then follow these steps to resolve the above mentioned common QuickBooks Payroll errors:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to the Tools tab
  • Now, select and click General Tab
  • Select and click on Delete in the section of Browsing History
  • Click and verify Temporary Internet File and select Website Files
  • Click Delete and then click on OK button
  1. Now, go to Command Prompt and delete the DNS
  • For Windows 7 or Windows Vista, follow these steps: Start > Programs > Accessories > Run

For Windows XP: Start > Run

  • Type CMD
  • Now, the type ipconfig/flushdn on the opened Command Prompt
  • Press Enter
  1. Send Payroll File

Steps to Resolve Errors if You’re Not on a Network

If you are not using QuickBooks on a network then you need to follow the below mentioned steps to resolve common QuickBooks Payroll errors:

  1. Try to launch QuickBooks Payroll services by Rebooting the computer
  2. Restore the Advanced Setting of Internet Explorer and, verify and check TLS 1.0 and execute TLS 1.1 by using TLS 1.2 and uncheck it in Internet Explorer – Internet Options window
  3. Verify if you are or aren’t on a network and select the options that suit you
  4. While sending QuickBooks Payroll data do make sure that you are in single-user mode
  5. Get payroll updates and install it
  6. Verify time properties and system date
  7. Use Internet Explorer as the default web browser
  8. Ensure that you access only a secure website
  9. Do make sure that you have the latest QuickBooks Desktop updates and the latest tax tables
  10. In the checkbox, clear Publisher’s Certificate Revocation
  11. Switch to Shared Download to No or Yes
  12. Reverify QuickBooks Payroll subscription
  13. Check internet connection on your QuickBooks Desktop
  14. Try sending payroll files and information by adding *.payroll.com” and “quickbooks.com” as the trusted website.


These solutions will help you have hassle-free experience of QuickBooks Payroll services. In case if there still persists QuickBooks errors the always get an instant QuickBooks Payroll support services by dialing toll-free QuickBooks Payroll support phone number +1-855-666-1972.

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