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There are various new improved, advanced features in QuickBooks 2019 that is helping our clients to do their work more easily and quickly on time. Now the users will be able to accomplish the customer’s requirements like their orders.

Transfer Credits between Jobs of the Same Customer

This is approachable for the clients who are having unapplied credits, proceed to select Apply Credits from the main displayed made invoices window.

Features: The customer credits are efficiently applied to the jobs of the similar chosen customer. There is a feature of Apply credits Windows which will help the customers of the same record to credit to other jobs.

There is one account that named “Account for credit Transfer” created automatically by QuickBooks when a credit is assigned by a user from one job to another in the apply credit windows.  After that, the account that is created automatically is listed as “inactive” in order to discourage users.

Cautions noted with this feature include:

  • The process of shifting credits from one job to another within the same customer cannot be finished. A separate transaction should be used in order to do any corrections needed in future.
  • “First” instance of the shifting of credits cannot be performed by the users without having a chart of Accounts.
  • The Apply credits and the transfer of credits do not act in an Accountant’s copy of the client’s data.

Customer Invoice History Tracker 

Accessible: You can go through the history link from a displayed create invoices windows.

Features: Real-time invoice status tracking. Single, combine the look of invoice status includes tracking:

  • Invoice made date
  • Invoice pending date
  • Customer name and invoice email date.
  • Invoice viewed date – Internet connection needed to view the “viewed” status
  • Date of customer got Payment recorded in QuickBooks
  • Amount and date of creating Deposit recorded in QuickBooks

Now the users and clients can put steps on time in order to refresh and improve communications just with the help and availability of real-time customers invoice history knowledge. Always remember that if the customer is using Microsoft outlook 2010, then this feature will not work.

User Prompt to Create a Bill Payment When Using the Write Check

Accessible: While creating a write check for a merchant, there will be a display of new check for Bills dialog. Select Banking> to write check only from the menu bar. After that, you have to enter a vendor name that presently has due vendor bill.

Features: This improved prompt is making users go for proper transaction type should be vendor Bill payment.  Instead of using the Write check. QuickBooks shows a new check for bills window just while a user inputs a merchant’s name for the vendor that is having open vendor bills on a write check transaction.

This year there is an advancement to encourage users to go to pay bills. The pay Bills window will inaugurate already filtered for the chosen merchant’s unpaid bills just after selecting.

Employee Pay Adjustment History

Accessible: select Reports > Employees & Payroll > Employee Pay Adjustments History From the menu bar. Possible in QuickBooks with an active Basic, Enhanced or Assisted payroll beneficiation.

Feature: Track changes to worker’s pay rates.

Included With:

Pick workflow: The pick workflow was consists of the release of QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0 with new and advanced inventory enabled.

Pack and Ship workflow: QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0, with progressive Inventory enabled.

Accessible:  Select customers> sales orders Fulfillment worksheet and you can access this particular worksheet from the menu bar but just after activating the Order Fulfillment Worksheet.

Remember: clients must be having the recent QuickBooks Warehouse App for pack/ Ship functionality. Select Settings > Apps and select the QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse app to see the adaptation information, from the mobile device.

Features: In order to fulfill the requirement of customer’s sales orders in QuickBooks, it modifies and improves accuracy. Have a look at the following given pick, pack, and ship workflow that is organized by the worksheet dashboard.

Existing Pick workflow: QuickBooks Enterprise 18.0 or newer Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet needs internet availability for QuickBooks file and at the warehouse both:

In QuickBooks inventory, a pick list is made from sales orders and given to a warehouse worker and after that are connected with mobile device.

From the warehouse location, these workers now log into the mobile application and then after that they move towards scanning barcodes or serial number barcodes.

The pick list that is upgraded is dispatched to the QuickBooks Enterprise file.

Bottom line

The above-given steps are introducing you almost with a new introduction of QuickBooks Desktop 2019. Go through these thoroughly and do let us know what else you need to know. For further details and for knowing more about the new features, you may contact on our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-855-666-1972.

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