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QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issues – Things Users Need to Know

When working with QuickBooks Desktop, you may encounter certain sorts of execution issues. It is critical to comprehend the diverse sorts of execution issues that can happen. Most basic QuickBooks errors and issues are because of QuickBooks windows that have not properly closed down.

QuickBooks support is an essential service provided by Intuit to cater to these issues. However, with the surge in demand and users, Intuit isn’t single handedly able to cater to every customer. That is where the need for an experienced and certified QuickBooks support services provider comes into.

In this blog site, to help you out leverage more on QuickBooks Desktop, we discuss a few important and unmissable issues that every QuickBooks users need to know.

Performance issues

While using QuickBooks Desktop, you can encounter several glitches and errors that can degrade the overall performance of this robust accounting software. A few basic issues that you may encounter while using QuickBooks are:

  • Your company file takes longer than expected to Open
  • Intermittent performance issues
  • Performance issues in multi-user mode
  • Data issues in multiple files
  • Network and connectivity issues
  • Issues with emailing and saving PDFs
  • Sync errors

These are some of the most commonly reported performance issues. However, it is important to understand that every time you use QuickBooks, your data files grow larger, thereby requiring more resources to run. You will need to check the exact cause and then follow the suggestions from our experts at QuickBooks Customer support.

Things you should consider

Before you proceed to make the call to QuickBooks support, we suggest you to check the below details and ensure that your network is setup per suggested recommendations. Listed below are the prime recommendations –

Upgrade your computers

The execution of QuickBooks Desktop depends on how much framework memory (RAM) you have on the server PC that is facilitating the organization document. On the off chance that you have less than 4GB on your server PC, think about moving up to a higher limit.

Storage Drives

When storing large data files, please ensure that you are using a Windows or a Linux based server computer, and not a NAS Drive. If this sounds a bit techie, we suggest that you contact your in-house IT team for better clarity.

Network Configuration

Per the QuickBooks customer support professionals, for best performance when using QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to have a proper hardwired network setup. Liaise with your IT team and ISP to set up the correct network standards for peak performance.

Understanding List Limits and custom fields

QuickBooks allows you to add lists and custom fields to a certain limit. You need to have a clear understanding about the limits as overdoing it can lead to anomalies.

About Us

We, Quick At Support understand that you need time to manage your business and checking technicalities as well as fixing them isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That is why we are available 24/7 to assist you. We are a team of highly trained and certified professionals who are experts in handling and resolving errors and issues related to QuickBooks. You can rely on us when it comes to QuickBooks support for Desktop, Payroll, Enterprise, etc as well as Hosting support.

Issues we can help you with

Customers face technical and reported issues time and again. Most arise when users tend to make mistakes when using the features in QuickBooks. You would love to have an expert at bay when something happens amidst urgency. Here are a few scenarios where you need the QuickBooks Desktop support services. These errors are not major but need expert advice. You would lose valuable time trying to fix it yourselves.

  • Latency when using the application
  • Error in printing
  • Sync issues
  • Connectivity problems with server
  • Download and installation errors
  • Errors while updating data
  • Inventory related queries
  • Troubleshooting related to basic data damage
  • Help with invoices and reports
  • Hosting services and many more

So, irrespective of the issues you have, feel free to reach out to our service-oriented team on our Toll Free number – 1-855-666-1972. We guarantee to resolve all QuickBooks related errors and problems. Let the QuickBooks Desktop Support team help!

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