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How QuickBooks Enterprise Caters the Modern Day Need of Inventory Management

Having real-time inventory valuation, the quantity that you have in hand and staying on the top of purchase orders are a few day-to-day inventory management challenges that businesses dealing in manufacturing, wholesaling and retail often come across.

To help businesses overcome these challenges of Inventory Management, QuickBooks comes with several exciting add-on services such as Advanced Inventory. To help you understand how the Advanced Inventory software for QuickBooks Enterprise suffices the modern day inventory management needs, in this blog post I describe several intriguing aspects of QuickBooks Enterprise solution.

Explaining Advanced Inventory

Advanced Inventory software for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is designed and developed to specifically cater to the modern day inventory management needs of fast-growing businesses.

This add-on software helps you get better and enhanced insights on how inventories are moving in and out of your business and how you need to manage inventories to suffice the needs of end-customers as well as of different clients and vendors.  

The Advanced Inventory software is enriched with several features that we discuss further in this blog post.

Features of Advanced Inventory

Mobile Inventory Bar-code Scanning

Mobile Inventory Bar-code Scanner is a hardware device that works perfectly fine with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale. This scanner helps businesses to receive inventory, check for fulfillable status and create checklists, send pick list to mobile inventory scanner, and get the real-time and automatic status of inventories that are coming in and going out of your business.

Customizable Inventory Reports

One of the other significant ways through which QuickBooks Enterprise caters to the Inventory Management needs of modern businesses is the newly added customizable inventory reports. This customizable inventory report offers customized financial reports, better insights, inventory valuation summary and reports on the basis of Stock by Item and Assembly Shortage.

Sales Order Management

The enhanced inventory picking and sales order management feature of QuickBooks Enterprise. This feature helps you prioritize urgent orders and also provides business-critical information and insights, such as the value of the order, ship date, and inventory availability. With this feature of QuickBooks Enterprise, you can easily pick up and deliver urgent orders from multiple locations and warehouses.

Track Inventory in Multiple Locations

Advanced Inventory also eases the task of inventory management by enabling tracking of inventories in multiple locations. For different locations, you can easily track how many items you have on your hands, on sales orders, on purchase orders. And, QuickBooks also automatically calculates the items that are left in stocks and that are coming.


Deploying Advanced Inventory is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to supercharge the task of inventory management for your fast growing manufacturing, retail or wholesale business. Well, if you upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0 full subscription plan then you get this add-on free of cost. In case, if you want to know more about Advanced Inventory then contact Quick At Support now.

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