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QuickBooks Payroll Support – Best Features and Benefits

Over time, QuickBooks has redefined the accounting standards. As more and more people join hands with QuickBooks, we strive to bring forth more customized versions and plans that suit your business to a T. Amidst the plethora of options that we provide, today we are going to talk about QuickBooks Payroll support.

What is QuickBooks Payroll service?

It is a subscription based service that you activate to enable payroll features in your existing QuickBooks Desktop software. Based on your needs, we offer you three options to choose from. These are Basic, Enhanced and Assisted Payroll. No matter whichever type you choose, QuickBooks Payroll support is going to enhance your knowledge of the payroll process while simultaneously solving pay-related problems.

You can check your active service type by clicking on Employees > My Payroll Service > Manage Service Key. You can find the details you’re looking for in the Service Name list.

Features Offered

The Payroll services offer a wide spectrum of features, all aimed at making life easier for you while helping you and your business to grow. Listed below are the prime features:

  • The payroll updates offered to come with the most accurate and current federal tax laws, income tax forms, e-filing and payment options.
  • It allows you to create paychecks with automatic tax calculations.
  • You can directly pay your employee’s salary into their bank account.
  • It allows you to make direct deposits to 1099 contractors.
  • Your employees can check their salary slip online signing into their individual PayCheck accounts any time of the day
  • If you opt for QuickBooks Payroll Standard and Enhanced packages, the system auto-fills multiple federal forms such as 1099,1096, 94x forms, etc.
  • The Enhanced Payroll package allows your QuickBooks Desktop to auto-fill in the State Tax Forms for you
  • You can consider using e-file and e-pay options for your Federal and State forms
  • You now have the option to integrate Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service to the Payroll system. This would ensure that your employees are paid duly and fairly.
  • You get a No Tax penalty guarantee with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted package
  • You have the option to create tax forms for clients using QuickBooks Payroll Support

Why should you choose it?

QuickBooks Payroll was designed to streamline and resolve multiple payroll related problems. Here are 4 top benefits that you can reap by enabling the Payroll services.

  • Payroll support helps you keep your employee details organized and minimizes the chances of delayed payments which might lead to fines. It allows you to track and review a company’s benefits as well as workers’ compensation at the same place.
  • Preparing and submitting payroll taxes and other taxes is an error-prone and time-consuming job. Using the Payroll Support feature, you can save on time as well as money.
  • It helps you to process payments quickly and review accurate reports.
  • Plus, you get access to the Payroll Support Website, Payroll Year-End Center, Payroll Tax Compliance, and Payroll User Community alongside free expert services round the clock. You can reach the QuickBooks Payroll Customer Support at 1-855-666-1972

Support Help Desk

There is no downside to using QuickBooks Payroll Support. Payments, taxes, and related documentation need manpower and time. Plus, it is mandatory to get all these right, else you might land into troubles with the law. QuickBooks Support services would definitely provide you the tool you need.

So, if you’re thinking of automating your business’ payroll process, feel free to reach us at QuickBooks Payroll Support Number 1-855-666-1972  and we’ll be elated to help you all the way through.


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