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QuickBooks POS Support Services- why should you get it?

QuickBooks POS is meant for all business sizes. This is one of the most acclaimed software that enables you to automate the banking process, manage inventory, and enhance relationships with your customers. POS works on all three modes – desktop, web-based, and mobile.

The inclusion of this tool in your business will allow you to prioritize customer’s needs and deliver accordingly. One of the handy features is the option to track your customer’s previous purchases so you become aware of their preferences. Also, you get access to QuickBooks POS Support at a certain fee.

Overview of features

QuickBooks POS is aimed at simplifying your day to day tasks such as accepting payments, updating inventory etc. POS comes with a host of features that are literally a boon for your business. The software is flexible enough to cater to every business size.

Some of the prime features that you get with QuickBooks POS are:

Bar code scanning

You do not have to manually type in details of every item in your stock. Instead, make use of this efficient and time-saving option. Scan the relevant barcode and let POS update the inventory.

Viewing/Printing Reports and Notes

You can now view credit/debit notes and print reports as per requirement directly from POS.

Customer and Salesperson history

POS allows you to access and manage your customers and salespersons history. With easy search features, you no longer need to spend time searching entry after entry.

Detailed Inventory Management

POS comes equipped with robust features like inventory classification, matrix, and forecasting. In addition to these, you can also manage inventory transfers, multiple inventories, and stores, and reorder alerts.

Credit/Debit Card processing

POS offers you fast and easy payment processing at low rates. Plus, you can select the contract period. No more long-term contracts!

Label Printing

You can print customer as well as vendor mailing levels right from the software. It also allows you to print other labels and lists too.

Loyalty Rewards

Would you not like to reward your long time customer for being loyal? Not only it helps to build relationships, but it also helps you grow. POS allows you to create customized loyalty rewards for your valued clients as well as vendors alike.

Images for products

With POS, you can map relevant images to your products, thereby making it more appealing to your customers.

Managing discounts, exchanges, refunds and returns

QuickBooks POS allows you to manage multiple entries related to discounts, exchanges, refunds, and returns on time and efficiently

Some of the newer features that QuickBooks POS 18.0 has brought are listed below:

Additional customer details

POS 18.0 allows you greater insight by allowing you to add additional customer details like Credit balance, Account Balance, Notes etc right on the Make a Sale screen. Time-saving, detailed and totally worth it!

Newer scanners added for physical inventory scanning

POS 18.0 has added more barcode scanners to their compatible list. Two new plug-and-play devices named Cipher Lab 8000 and Cipher Lab 8001 have been added. These devices are easy to configure with the POS software.

Access POS on Microsoft Surface Pro

You can now access POS on Microsoft Surface Pro. It is a two-in-one detachable device which can be used as a laptop or a tablet. This feature allows you to carry your business with you wherever you go. Isn’t that handy?

POS Support services

To address and assist you with any support and troubleshooting related queries, we offer you round the clock QuickBooks POS Support services. Our support team members are highly trained and certified to resolve all your queries related to QuickBooks POS.

Our support team is all eager to provide Grade A support starting right from installation of the product to any error/issue you face. With experience and expertise spanning over years, we have devised effective and affordable solutions to troubleshoot anomalies pertaining to QuickBooks POS. Some of the issues that need you to touch base with us are:

Connectivity and network errors

This type of issues includes problems where your computer is not connecting to QuickBooks POS, or network errors while installing, errors when trying to connect to the servers etc.

Inventory & Reports

You might face issues/errors with inventory tracking or managing inventories. Give us a call on our QuickBooks POS support phone number (+1) 855-666-1972.

Errors in multi-user mode

You might face errors when accessing QuickBooks in multi-user mode. Petty errors eat up time and hamper business. Our dedicated team is all ears to listen to your problem and provide immediate resolutions.

Managing user rights

Chances are that you have setup users with inappropriate rights but are too busy to edit them. You need time to cater to your customers. We understand that! Thus, we are available round the clock for you.

We at Quick at Support believe in prioritizing every issue raised and providing effective resolutions. If you’re facing any issue related to POS, feel free to contact us right away. Our team of dedicated and certified professionals has years of experience. We want you to devote your full time to business goals, thus if you face a problem with QuickBooks POS, call us any time of the day on our QuickBooks POS Support number: (+1) 855-666-1972.

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