How to Recover Lost QuickBooks Data with Auto Data Recovery

QuickBooks data transfer, upgrade or migration are a few critical steps that you need to follow carefully. While upgrading to an advanced QuickBooks version from the existing one, you always need to transfer QuickBooks files as well.

During the data migration or transfer process, data becomes vulnerable to several adversities, such as data loss, damage or corruption, and there occurs an immediate need to recover the lost data. Well, it is always advisable to consult a reputed and certified QuickBooks experts for exporting or migration QuickBooks data to have seamless upgradation of QuickBooks.

There are several other reasons as well that may uncall QuickBooks data damage. These reasons include: network error, lost connection during data migration or transfer, etc. To recover lost data, there is an easy option of using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature.

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery or ADR feature allows you to recover all the lost data instantly. However, this feature is available only with QuickBooks Desktop 2012 or higher version.

QuickBooks ADR allows you to easily recover lost data file by following methods:

  • With a copy of Transaction Log File or TLG file and Company File, you can restore transactions happened in last few hours
  • Restore all damage transaction data by using a copy of Company file and the existing Transaction Log File

However, before you start using this robust ADR feature of QuickBooks, here are a few important facts that you should not undermine:

  • ADR feature is available only with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks Desktop
  • ADR feature is not available with the Accountant’s edition of QuickBooks Desktop
  • With this feature, you can recover data file not exceeding the limitation of 1.5 GB

Steps to Recover Recent Transactions using .QBW.adr file or .TLG file

  • On your desktop, create a new folder named QBTest
  • Now, click and open the folder where you have saved the company file
  • Now, locate file name with .tlg file extensions
  • At this stage, copy all the file with .tlg file extension and paste it on QBTest folder that you have created on Desktop
  • Now, click and open QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery folder which is located in the same folder where company file is stored
  • Search for the file with .qbw extension, copy it and paste it on QBTest folder
  • Now, in the QBTest folder, right click on .QBW.adr and .tlg files
  • And, then select the Rename option
  • From end of the file, delete .adr
  • Now, open QuickBooks Desktop
  • In the QBTest folder open QuickBooks company file folder and then use QuickBooks credentials to verify the account
  • To check the integrity of the recovered data, click on File, select Utilities and then click on Verify Data
  • If you are satisfied with recovered data, then you can select and copy data from QBTest folder and paste it on the primary company file folder

Steps to Recover Recent Transactions from .TLG.adr files and .QBW.adr files

If you have lost data just with 12 hours, then you can follow these steps using Auto Data Recovery feature to restore missing data.

  • In your desktop, create a folder named QBTest
  • Select QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Feature from QuickBooks company file feature
  • Now, locate .QBW.adr and .TLG.adr files on QuickBooks company file
  • Now, select these files and paste it in QBTest folder
  • Remove .adr file extension from files on QBTest folder
  • And, to verify the integrity of recovered data file click on File, select Utilities and then click on Verify Data
  • And, if you are satisfied with the end result, copy data files from QBTest folder to QuickBooks Company file folder.

The Way Forward

Data stored on QuickBooks accounting software is business-critical, and businesses never want to lose these data files. In case, if you, however, encounter adversities related to missing data, data corruption or damage then first and foremost, try using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature, and in case, if you are not satisfied with results of this feature, then it is wise to instantly consult a reputed and certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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