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QuickBooks Desktop users who are running an older version of QuickBooks are becoming prone to the problems where are finding themselves unable to get these apps. This is happening to a large number of Users day by day and it is becoming a bigger problem with the time.

While running the add-on program, you may face this error dialog:

Code Signing Certificates

  • Code signing certificate is a security feature, invented in the 1990s helps the Desktop software products I order to get them “digitally signed”.
  • QuickBooks will like to see whether the software is properly signed or not, in case you approach an add-on product to get connected to the QuickBooks database.
  • The software can be connected to the Database.
  • You can connect the software to the Database even in case it is not signed.
  • QuickBooks will not allow the software to get connected for the reason the software is having a “revoked’ certificate.
  • Software developers need to upgrade their certificates into the new version as the cryptographic method which is used to protect code signing is getting old.

Why This Breaks Some Software

  • Microsoft is putting a full stop on the older version certificates. And window 10 is playing an important role in this process.
  • In the coming time, these updates should be applied on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
  • The older version of the certificates will get invalid whenever the windows system gets updated.
  • So if you are running an older version of certificates and have not updated into the newer version, one day the software will stop working and come under the dark shadow of “Revoked Certificate” error. So always remember to get updated into the newer version.
  • You will never become prone to this problem unless or until the software was not code signed. With the help of QuickBooks, you will be able to access all data from the unsigned software that is insecure.

Update Your Software

  • You need to upgrade your add-on product in case you have not. In the developer’s language, it means updating of software from SHA-1 to SHA-256, from older version to newer version.
  • Some fee for updating may be charged by the developers.
  • In some cases, it happens that the software that is being used by the user is so old that it cannot be updated, as the version they are using is no longer in existence as the software of which company, they are using so not exist. So, unfortunately, in these cases, these kinds of the product cannot be updated.
  • So if you using an older version of the software then do let know the developers to update your product so that in future you may not confront with any kind of a surprise when you will come to know that your software has stopped working.

Last words

Go through the article in order to find your solutions, if still, some points lack then feel free to contact our QuickBooks Error Support pro advisors who are always ready to help you out with the various problems.

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