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Top 5 QuickBooks Issues and their resolutions: All you need to know guide!

The primary reason for recurring common QuickBooks issues is that users do not select the correct preferences per their business type while setting up the software. The first thing that you should do is properly set up your email template, reports, late payment charges, default bank account etc.

However, there are still errors that pop-up every now and then. Resolutions to most QuickBooks errors can be searched from our FAQ database. In certain cases, you might also need to reach out to the QuickBooks Support team for assistance. Anyway, to help you in quickly resolving errors, below is a list of 5 common issues and how to fix them:

 1. QuickBooks doesn’t start

One of the most common issues is QuickBooks failing to start or not responding. This has two reasons for it. Either the software hasn’t been correctly installed or the installed product is corrupted.

The best way to resolve this is to uninstall the QuickBooks software and reinstall it. However, we urge you to ensure that you uninstall the product and related components in Safe Mode. Depending on your purchase type, you can reinstall the software by following the Help Guide. Once you reinstall the software, ensure checking the firewall settings and run a virus check to quarantine, if any.

2. Problem while updating Data Files

This ideally happens when you edit a file or when you upgrade QuickBooks from one version to another. The systems will pop-up an error which says “Updating of Data File failed”. If this happens, you will need to recover the file or create another file. If that doesn’t work, you will need to rebuild the entire file. Follow the order mentioned below if you ever have to rebuild a file.

  • Back up the original data file
  • Verify it
  • Rebuild it

If you still face problems, reach out to the QuickBooks support team at +1-855-666-1972

3. Slowness when accessing QuickBooks in multi-user mode

This is a general issue faced by users when working in multi-user setups. One of the solutions to this recurring problem is to upgrade your system’s RAM and Hard Drive so it has the capacity to bear all the load of multiple users simultaneously accessing the software.

If the hardware isn’t the problem, chances are that there are issues with your data file. The quickest way to resolve data file issues to use the Clean Up Company Data tool under File Utilities. You can also turn off the Audit Trail feature for a speed boost.

4. Misplaced the Admin password

One of the most occurring issues is clients losing their administrative password. The ideal solution to this problem is to reinstall your QuickBooks software. This is because we want to ensure that your data is protected. Though you can find multitudes of software to crack the password, we urge you to choose the safer path.

5. Unable to copy or move QuickBooks data file

If you have ever tried to copy the data file to your hard-drive or some other device, you should know that QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to do so as the file is locked. To resolve this, you will need to stop the QuickBooks tasks running in the background. Here’s how you do it:

  • Press Ctrl + R on your keyboard
  • Type services.MSC and click Enter
  • Find and select two QuickBooks services and click on End Task

You should be able to copy the files once you do that

Summary QuickBooks Support

These 5 QuickBooks related issues and their resolutions will make your life easier. In case, there is something else that you need assistance with, please feel free to reach out to QuickBooks Support phone number ( +1-855-666-1972).

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