Top QuickBooks Utility Tools to Resolve QuickBooks Errors

Top QuickBooks Utility Tools to Resolve QuickBooks Errors

QuickBooks Desktop accounting software is vulnerable to several adversities and can any time lead to situations when you may be unable to access and manage it. Damaged, broken or missing .NET Framework or problems with visual C++ can degrade the overall performance of QuickBooks accounting software.

If you are technically sound and understand the technical aspects of QuickBooks, then by using free utility tools you can troubleshoot a few basic and common QuickBooks errors. Otherwise, you may need to consult a reliable and reputed QuickBooks support services provider. There are several significant utility tools available that you can use and run to fix QuickBooks errors that we will discuss in the blog post

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

If you are encountering QuickBooks Error messages: 1904, 1935, 1603 or 1722 and there is a problem in installation or re-installation of QuickBooks Desktop then one of the easiest solutions is to run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

By running this tool, you can easily diagnose and verify the errors in Microsoft.NET Framework that is preventing the installation of QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. Over time, the latest version of QuickBooks Utility Tool get released and to leverage more, it is always advisable to download and run only the latest versions.

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

All the versions of QuickBooks Desktop accounting software rely on Microsoft components. And, in case, any of these components get damaged then you will be unable to use QuickBooks. In case, if you update one Microsoft Component then there is automatic alteration with the other one, due to which it becomes quite difficult to find the exact reasons that stop QuickBooks from running.

If you are unable to run QuickBooks due to the broken or damaged Microsoft component then, you can use QuickBooks Component Repair Tool. this utility tool diagnoses and repairs following Microsoft components one which QuickBooks is totally depended upon.

  • Microsoft MSXML
  • NET Framework
  • Microsoft Visual C++


If you are unable to run and use QuickBooks Desktop properly then this can possibly occur when Windows is unable to recognize the Registry component of QuickBooks. To understand the Registry component of QuickBooks, let me start with the QuickBooks installation process.

When you for the first time install QuickBooks on your desktop then few components can automatically be registered with Windows. And, Windows saves information about these components in the Registry. However, over a time, Registry can get corrupted and damaged and there can be problems when you run QuickBooks.

To fix Registry, you have an easy and safe option of using Reboot.bat utility tool. Reboot.bat is a series of batches that re-registers all the information that Windows needs to identify and recognize for the smooth operation of QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

QuickBooks PDF Repair Tool

While using QuickBooks Desktop accounting software there may at times erupt problems in the PDF drivers. Damaged PDF drivers prevent you from creating PDF files of email invoices, reports and several important forms that you need to send to clients or keep it in your records.

To resolve issues with the PDF Drivers, you have an easy-to-use option of running QuickBooks PDF Repair tool. This utility tool diagnoses and rebuilds the corrupted PDF drivers and let you create PDF documents of any file that you want.

The Way Forward

These are a few QuickBooks Utility Tools using which you can resolve a few common QuickBooks errors. In case, if QuickBooks errors don’t get the fix by using these tools then you can contact our QuickBooks error support experts now.

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