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In order to enjoy all the features of QuickBooks, which is an amazing Bookkeeping and accounting software, you need to log in. And sometimes it happens like this there arises an unrecoverable error while logging into it. And the error message that could be seen at that moment:

“The attempt to log in with the username xxx failed”, “This user is already logged into the company file” Or “If possible, try logging in a using a different username”.

There may be various reasons for occurring this error. Some of them could be discussed below:

  • In case you have not to log out of the previous session and still you are trying to log into the organization company file.
  • If the session from other location is already logged in but with the same credentials.
  • An arise of the electrical issue may cause fluctuation or change.

In order to troubleshoot this error you are required to follow these steps:

  • All of the QuickBooks processes need to be closed.
  • Now, you need to open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+ Alt + Delete.
  • After that move towards the processes tab.
  • Now all the processes that are running are needed to be categorized in alphabetical order.
  • Now all the programs started by you with “QB” need to be closed, for that, you just have to tap right click over the process name and click End process.
  • After closing all the process of QuickBooks and try to Log In to the QuickBooks company data file.
  • Make a try to log into the QuickBooks Company file just after shutting down all the processes of the QuickBooks.
  • Now the place where all the company data file is stored needs to be restart.
  • Now QuickBooks needs to be open on a Workstation.
  • After that try to open a company data file.
  • In case it fails, then make another try to log into a different user.
  • If the still exist, then you need to contact a QuickBooks Administrator.
  • And in case you are already using a QuickBooks Administrator, then you just need to reset button and answer the question which is displayed on the login screen.
  • The need of downloading Automated Password Reset tool is required only if you are confronting issues like resetting the credential.
  • If still, the problem exists, then you need to restore a backup that was made before the issue occurs.
  • Finally, if the backup is obtained properly, then proceed to the Data Service for recovery to submit the file.

Bottom line

Hopefully, the article worked amazingly. if still you are facing the issue and finding your self unable to log into the company file, then do not hesitate to contact us on QuickBooks Error Support Number +1-855-666-1972.

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